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But BK was thrilled with the one-time stunt, which was a major PR coup. The Cannes Grand Prix winner in Print was authentic, self-deprecating and flat-out ballsy. Droga5 In a year of mighty political upheaval, the Times used a remarkable series of ads to urge consumers to value, and pay for, the truth that journalism uncovers. A triumph of writing, acting and theatrical staging. A home run on the biggest stage from a smaller agency and an all-but-unknown marketer.

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It’s fun to watch their face go blank when I have no idea how the trick is created. This tutorial is such a trick. At first, my friend thought that this was some kind of image or table set: You can probably guess that it isn’t. Honest to goodness, that was my buddy’s reaction when I finally figured out what this thing was. In short, VML allows you to set aside vectors on Web pages. In shorter, you can draw shapes. Using the power of XML, you can set aside specific sections vectors and fill them in with color and all sorts of other fun stuff.

The one downside of it all is that since this effect deals with XML, it is browser limited. You’ll need to be running IE 5. Netscape Navigator will simply ignore the commands and display nothing.

Varnish microlamination

Training VMLIP Online University Provides online learning opportunities for member staff on a number of subjects from bloodborne pathogens to sexual harassment prevention, stress management, and more. Webinars VMLIP offers an average of five free hour-long webinars each month on a variety of topics from safety tips to human resources, from coverage overviews to law enforcement specific training each month. Contract Review VMLIP offers contract review to ensure that member contracts containing insurance requirements not only have the required insurance placement, but that member entities do not unintentionally waive rights or accept liability on behalf of another.

The use of microscopic orange-yellow and black layering in rock varnish for dating purposes.

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Mother raped with daughter by her side tells her harrowing story | The Kansas City Star

Seven debris-flow fan units Df1-Df7 were identified on the basis of fan morphology and degree of rock varnish coverage. Varnish-based age estimates indicate that these debris-flow fan units were deposited around Df1 , Df2 , Df3 , Df4 , Df5 , and Df6 cal yr BP Liu and Broecker, The dating results also indicate that the deposition of these fan units was more likely to have occurred during relatively wet periods of the Holocene. Late Quaternary basaltic lava flows in Pisgah, Cima, and Amboy volcanic fields of the Mojave Desert, California left panel and optical microstratigraphies of rock varnish from these flow surfaces right panel.

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His financial experience includes serving as State Budget Director, , and as a strategic planner for the Bell Atlantic Corporation, Lauterberg holds a B. As an investment banker, he successfully closed on bond issues for a variety of tax-exempt borrowers, including municipalities, colleges, and health care providers. Mulroy also spent two years as a stock equity analyst covering the property-casualty insurance industry. Mulroy earned an M.

VML educational events provide up-to-date information on major issues and concerns relating to local government. These events include annual conferences, regional events and webinars. Consult the events calendar for more details including dates, times, locations and specific topics.

Engineering drawing An engineering drawing is a type of drawing and is technical in nature, used to fully and clearly define requirements for engineered items. It is usually created in accordance with standardized conventions for layout, nomenclature, interpretation, appearance such as typefaces and line styles , size, etc. Computer graphics There are two types of computer graphics: Using vectors results in infinitely sharp graphics and often smaller files , but, when complex,like vectors take time to render and may have larger file sizes than a raster equivalent.

In , the first computer-driven display was attached to MIT’s Whirlwind I computer to generate simple pictures. In , Ivan Sutherland invented Sketchpad , an innovative program that influenced alternative forms of interaction with computers. Ross of MIT developed an advanced compiler language for graphics programming.

Coons , also at MIT, and J.

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One minute-long spot Creative: Home, Google’s virtual assistant, will be making its Super Bowl debut in a commercial that’s been on the air for a while. The move underscores the company’s efforts to increase revenue from consumer electronics that also include its Pixel smartphone and Nest smart devices. Google didn’t have a presence in last year’s big game.

VML Dating Lab provides analysis services that yield rock varnish-based minimum-limiting surface exposure age estimates for surficial geological and geoarchaeological features in the drylands of western USA and other desert regions of the world.

Used primarily for counting, they were adapted from the Etruscan numerals system. The original system of numerals used in the classical era was altered slightly in the Middle Ages, resulting in the numeral system that we use today where letters represent values as numerals. Some of the common uses of roman numerals in everyday life include use in clock faces, chapter numbering and copyrighting in books, and numbered lists. Sometimes dates are given in Roman numerals for the dating of movies and television programmes.

Also, some sporting events, such as the Olympics, the Superbowl and Wrestling events use them. If you take one of each individual roman numeral and add them together the total is Roman numerals charts The fabulous folks at DadsWorksheets. So, do head over there and download them. Roman numerals explained With roman numerals it’s not just important to note each numeral itself, but also the order in which they appear.

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Doc love the system dating dictionary Rock varnish microlamination dating the white guys guide to dating black women The analysis of new data concerning the properties of desert soils in Central Asia basically confirmed the ideas of I. The micromorphological signs of a solonetzic, or cryptosolonetzic process responsible for fine particles mobilization in the surface horizons of boreal desert soils were revealed.

The close agreement between the VML age estimates and the independently derived radiometric ages for these geomorphic features attests to the validity and reliability of millennial-scale VML dating. The VML dating of debris flow deposits on the Sehoo recessional shorelines of Lake Lahontan at the Jessup embayment of central Nevada yields a minimum-limiting age of The VML dating of a giant ejecta block on the rim of Meteor Crater in northern Arizona yields a minimum-limiting age of

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Wagner Cast Iron Cookware Wagner Cast Iron Cookware Cast iron cookware was especially popular among homemakers and housekeepers during the first half of the 20th century. One of the most popular brands and the most collectible today is Wagner. They started with cast iron hollow ware and added nickel-plated ware in Wagner purchased the Sidney Hollow Ware Foundry around Look for the oldest Wagner items by name and patent dates.

Wagner Manufacturing was the original company, and it used “Wagner Ware” in some markings by


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Bass drum of a marching band in Ohio. Beginner and semi-professional lines[ edit ] Rhythm Traveler — A traveler’s kit with shrunken drum depths made from 6 plies of “Selected Hardwoods”. Rhythm Traveler drums includes cymbals, throne, hardware , mesh heads and cymbal mutes. Target — Drums manufactured with 6 plies of basswood. Made exclusively for the European market, it is sold as a complete set with cymbals, throne, hardware and drumsticks.

Designed to replace the Forum series, these drums are made from Poplar and Asian Mahogany shells and features Pearl’s new “Opti-Loc” suspension mounts. Decade Maple- New from Pearl, a maple drum kit with an affordable price tag. Vision – The successor to the Export and Session series drums. Vision drums originally came in 2 varieties: These drums feature new lugs and the new Series hardware as standard equipment, except the vmx, which only ships with tom arms and floor tom legs.

These are made in China. These drums are made 6 plies of birch and kapur referred to Pearl as their “Session Formula” shells , and feature Remo drum heads Pinstripe on the toms, Powerstroke 3 heads on the bass drums , OptiMount tom mounts, and SuperHoop II hoops. These drums are made in Taiwan. These drums replace the entire Session and Masters Premium lines until the introduction of the Session Studio Classic, with the only difference being that they feature die-cast hoops, Masters Series lugs, Masters Series OptiMount tom mounts, and Remo drum heads.

Mother raped with daughter by her side tells her harrowing story | The Kansas City Star

Map of the praetorian prefecture of Illyricum, —79, with its capital in Sirmium. Archaeologists have found traces of organized human life on the site of Sirmium dating from 5, BC. The Triballi king Syrmus was later considered the eponymous founder of Sirmium, but the roots are different, and the two words only became conflated later.

View all data used in this Statistical bulletin 1. The latter offences are generally not as prone to changes in recording practice. In accordance with the Statistics and Registration Service Act , statistics based on police recorded crime data have been assessed against the Code of Practice for Official Statistics and found not to meet the required standard for designation as National Statistics.

The full assessment report can be found on the UK Statistics Authority website. Alongside this release, the Office for National Statistics ONS have published a progress update on actions taken in addressing the requirements set out by the Authority. The user guide to crime statistics for England and Wales provides information for those wanting to obtain more detail on crime statistics. This includes information on the datasets used to compile the statistics and is a useful reference guide with explanatory notes regarding updates, issues and classifications.

The quality and methodology report sets out detailed information about the quality of crime statistics and the roles and responsibilities of the different departments involved in the production and publication of crime statistics. Last year, revised survey weights and a back-series were produced for the CSEW following the release of the new Census-based population estimates.

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