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Pre-Neolithic[ edit ] The development of the sickle in Mesopotamia can be traced back to times that pre-date the Neolithic Era. Large quantities of sickle blades have been excavated in sites surrounding Israel that have been dated to the Epipaleolithic era BC. The artifacts recovered ranged from 10 to 20 cm in length and possessed a jagged edge. Sickle blades found during this time were made of flint, straight and used in more of a sawing motion than with the more modern curved design. Flints from these sickles have been discovered near Mt. Carmel, which suggest the harvesting of grains from the area about 10, years ago. It is now accepted that the use of sickles led directly to the domestication of Near Eastern Wild grasses. The relatively narrow growing season in the area and the critical role of grain in the late Neolithic Era promoted a larger investment in the design and manufacture of sickle over other tools. Standardization to an extent was done on the measurements of the sickle so that replacement or repair could be more immediate. It was important that the grain be harvested at the appropriate time at one elevation so that the next elevation could be reaped at the proper time.

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Examples of hook in a Sentence Noun She hit a hook into the left rough. He threw a right hook to his opponent’s body. Verb The train cars were hooked together.

Instrument Hook Ups. Instrument Hook Up Diagrams detail the accessory and tubing hookup for both process and pneumatic instruments based on the tag number.

Link to a PDF file of the light plot and a page of photographs from the show 2. What is the difference between a Broadway plot and a study plot? A Broadway plot shows only the location, unit number, and type of light. In the commercial New York theatre, the light plot is the document used by the electrician to hang the show. All he needs to know is what type of light to hang and where to hang it.

A study plot, generally used in the educational theatre, shows the color, purpose, and control channel, for each unit. You will often find a study plot on the production table of a Brodway show. What are the two common scales used in drafting a light plot?

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This is for the Here’s where the right-hand instruments are located looking at the back side. On the left-hand side were the two problem areas for me: So I mapped which signals were coming into the speedometer at the identified rivets at the back of the speedo. The two red connectors with wires attached that run under the speedo cover are for speedometer reset.

It can be done automatically with the instrument hook-up. Sensing Static Pressure For most industrial and scientific applications, the only air measurements needed are those of .

Air Velocity Measurement Introduction In air conditioning, heating and ventilating work, it is helpful to understand the techniques used to determine air velocity. In this field, air velocity distance traveled per unit of time is usually expressed in feet per minute FPM. By multiplying air velocity by the cross section area of a duct, you can determine the air volume flowing past a point in the duct per unit of time.

Volume flow is usually measured in cubic feet per minute CFM. Velocity or volume measurements can often be used with engineering handbook or design information to reveal proper or improper performance of an airflow system. The same principles used to determine velocity are also valuable in working with pneumatic conveying, flue gas flow and process gas systems.

However, in these fields the common units of velocity and volume are sometimes different from those used in air conditioning work. To move air, fans or blowers are usually used. They work by imparting motion and pressure to the air with either a screw propeller or paddle wheel action. When force or pressure from the fan blades causes the air to move, the moving air acquires a force or pressure component in its direction or motion due to its weight and inertia.

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Length from bell ring to top of the barrel is mm. That means you either have to use a mouthpiece that’s one or two mm shorter or a 65 mm barrel. Not at though Keywork is silver plated and isn’t worn at all. Rings are still very good, not dished out. Top joint has six or more grain-lines to the wood that are visible.

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If you are seriously interested in this topic, we suggest that you print the document for easier digestion and reference at your leisure. This article is 11 pages in length when printed. One compelling reason would be to overcome the limitation of most sound cards which allow a maximum of only 32 notes to sound at any one time. The piano alone, played with chords in the left hand and several notes together in the right hand, can quickly consume this quota, especially if you use the sustain pedal which causes notes to linger on.

By utilizing more than one synth, or sound module, you can assign different instruments to each and greatly increase the notes available for your overall performance. Another reason would be to access some of your favorite sounds on a particular synthesizer of sound module which are not available from your sound card. Or perhaps you have a synthesizer with some special effects processing not available on any of the sound cards.

You can also set up one keyboard to play several other keyboards or modules to achieve some unusual effects. Hey, it’s not THAT simple! We can only offer some generic solutions, but first you must determine what you would like to do, since there are many configuration options. If your primary goal is to create MIDI recordings which will later be saved on tape or other audio format, then you will probably want to record a track at a time using a MIDI Sequencer program. Special setup procedures will be required to route different tracks channels to more than one synthesizer or module.

Or perhaps you want to have certain tracks pre-recorded and play along with them.

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The range contains 1,2,3,4,5 up to 7 way manifolds with numerous varieties on connections, ratings and materials. A selection of models is given below. Beside this standard range of products Astava has approx different type of valves and manifolds available.

Instrument Cluster Repair w/ pics (Part II) I had been experiencing problems with my fuel gauge not registering full when I filled up (only 3/4) and my speedometer started malfunctioning (only worked when the sun heated up the pod).

We also stock all of your horn accessory needs! We carry a variety of oils and lubricants: Give us a call at for more. We also carry an extremely wide variety of mouthpieces. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to help. We always, always have a good selection of them in our warehouse, ready to ship out to you today! Why wait for three or four months when you can have one today! We’ve sold brasses from the F. Holton company since ! Holton H , the entry level model double in brass.

Conn 8D, large bell, solid nickel-silver construction, lacquered. We always have instruments in the warehouse, ready to ship! Alexander horns that we keep in stock usually have lacquer finish, and usually with detachable bell section, but without case. Prices may vary depending upon the exchange rate.

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On the hook definition, a curved or angular piece of metal or other hard substance for catching, pulling, holding, or suspending something. See more.

We also stock all of your horn accessory needs! We carry a variety of oils and lubricants: Give us a call at for more. We also carry an extremely wide variety of mouthpieces. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to help. We always, always have a good selection of them in our warehouse, ready to ship out to you today! Why wait for three or four months when you can have one today! We’ve sold brasses from the F. Holton company since ! Holton H , the entry level model double in brass.

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What people are saying: The best melody composing tool for generating original MIDI. As a non-instrument playing, mostly beat oriented, casual user I have to say Hookpad is simply the best melody composing tool I have tried for generating original midi – and that includes about every single iPad App and harmony VST out there.

Mercury Marine is the only marine engine manufacturer to offer joystick piloting for outboards, gas and diesel sterndrives, and pod drives. Digital Throttle & Shift. Instant response, total control.

Many TI-developed video games, especially those developed by John Phillips, may be forced into ” cheat mode ” by holding the shift key and pressing Terse messages often appear, which may allow the user to move to a different round of the game. In Munch Man, the top screen and top round includes invisible Hoonos “ghosts” in this Pac-Man derivative which travel several times faster than Munch Man.

In Alpiner, the player can select which mountain to climb. InfoWorld criticized the computer’s game library as mediocre. But as the Apple II already had a major foothold in schools, in USA, and was an open architecture that anyone could easily develop for, TI failed to make an impact there. In groups within Texas Instruments were designing a video game console , a home computer to compete against the TRS and Apple II, and a high-end business personal computer with a hard drive. Ahl stated that it was “vastly overpriced, particularly considering its strange keyboard, non-standard Basic, and lack of software”.

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Other documents used in the development of the CSS configuration are as follows: The usual appearance of them is to have the cause on the left hand side with the effect at the top with a ‘X’ matrix. Sometimes logic symbols are included which make the operator’s engineering design requirements unambiguous.

How do I hook up my Magnehelic® gage for an air velocity application with a pitot tube? Answer In our Application Guides on flow products, we explain very well how to take air velocity readings.

When it comes to instrumentation its all about safety. Hook-up drawing indicates tubing slopes, position of instrument in reference to process tapping point, scope break between instrument vs piping. Hook-up drawing also gives information the requirement of bulk material for each installation. It also details its specification size, type and material and the quantity. There are two types of hook-up drawing: A good designer can also read whether the instrument tapped in gas service or liquid service.

Installation detail specification will also specify items that should be utilized and factor that should be considered in one installation The purpose of Instrument Hook Up Drawing As stated earlier, information of the requirement of bulk material is stated for installation on each sheet hence the bulk material required for the whole drawings could be summarized and tabulated in a document named Material Take Off. During project construction phase, this drawing is also referred as a guidance of how to install the instrument properly.

Tachometer instrument cluster installation

Theatrical Design and Production, 4th edition. Lighting Design Shelley, Steven Louis. A Practical Guide to Stage Lighting. With these drawings in hand a designer should be able to recreate any look on stage. The plot indicates where the light is hung, the focus chart shows where it is pointed, the hook-up chart tells which channel controls it and the cue sheet indicates the intensity.

What information normally appears on a

Hook-up drawing is a detailed drawing showing typical installation of instrument in a correct manner so that instrument operates properly (gives accurate indication and prevent any issued which could potentially affect the measurement such as liquid trap in gas impulse line).

It is a passive DI that employs a Jensen isolation transformer for optimum audio performance offering outstanding linearity at all frequencies, combined with extraordinary level handling without introducing distortion. With this active DI box, hum and impedance problems are a thing of the past. Every conceivable sound source – electric guitar, bass, keyboards, or what have you – can be “tamed,” sending it balanced and noise free into your console.

You can even connect a guitar amp’s speaker output with up to 3, Watts. Radial Pro RMP Reamping Device The Radial ProRMP, a transformer coupled reamping device that allows a prerecorded line level signal to drive a guitar amplifier and pedal effects by properly matching impedance and allowing the user to determine the appropriate level. Imagine a world where pieces of gear could talk to each other.

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