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We did and we recapped it right here for you! Basically the whole house voted to get rid of Jeremy except Kaitlin. So America will be deciding who the third player going up for eviction is. The alos held the HoH competition and Judd won! We may also get more news about America and them being the MVP. There will also be the Have-Not competition.

Big Brother 15 (Possible Spoilers)

Elissa won Head of Household and Judd got to come back in the house. Jesse cursed out Amanda on her way back to the Jury House, and it was pretty great. Elissa nominated Aaryn and McCrae, people got mad, and Aaryn drank nail polish remover.

Aaryn and Elissa (ther) I thought it was really nice, it was just them in the HOH room talking about their season-spanning relationship and how they should have worked together but things got in the way. I want GM and Judd to secretly be voting to keep Aaryn while HOPING that Spencer just throws a bone at them and votes to.

Andy asked Helen who she would like to see make it far. Helen said that it would be great if the two of them made it to the end with Spencer, cause he wouldn’t be able to win at endurance. Andy agreed but said that it would be tough to drag him all the way to the end. Helen then said that they need to backdoor either Amanda or McCrae soon. She said maybe McCrae first because he is strong at endurance and because Amanda will always be a target and she believes that they could beat Amanda at the end.

Helen pointed out that someone else is going to go after Amanda eventually, so the two of them don’t have to. Finally, Helen discussed that both Aaryn and GinaMarie need to go. Helen said that Aaryn is good at the game, while GinaMarie is stronger than they had originally thought.

‘Big Brother’ houseguests evict Judd Daugherty from the house and crown new Head of Household

Research shows that infants prefer to be around people like them, racially, etc. I must not have learned that lesson. But racism is learned. Aaryn no doubt grew up in a racist environment where it was nothing to make comments like she made on the show. That’s why when Amanda tried to explain to her that she was making racist comments, Aaryn had no idea what Amanda was talking about and eventually got angry at Amanda.

Amanda wasn’t as nasty as we found later on Aaryn walked out in a huff and told Amanda she didn’t know what she Amanda was talking about.

Aaryn is hoping Judd does not do something stupid. Aaryn goes to the room and tells GinaMarie and Kaitlin she does not want to go up on the block again she finds it too stressful. Aaryn tells the girls she feels they are all going on the block.

July 22, Previouslies Last week, we saw that Howard finally came clean to Helen about being a member of the now defunct Moving Company. His honesty, however, did put a target on his back. We also see that the power in the house has switched, making Aaryn, GinaMarie, Kaitlin, and Jeremy lose their minds and take their aggressions out on other houseguests. Aaryn and Kaitlin are rewarded for their bad behavior when Helen puts them on the block.

Helen’s real target is Jeremy. When Kaitlin wins Veto and removes herself from the block, Jeremy is placed in her spot and is voted out of the house. During the HoH comp, Judd mumbles his way into victory. Chenbot announces that America is MVP this week, and we will nominate the 3rd houseguest for nomination. She does tell the houseguests to “expect the unexpected”. Tonight, we see Candice’s and Howard’s romance begin to blossom and the slow destruction of Aaryn and GinaMarie’s alliance to one another.

Plus, we find out who Judd places on the block for eviction.

It is Thursday again which means the Diary Room is now open!

What started out as a snarky sense of humor has blossomed into an ego run amok. I was a fan, but no longer. I agree, please, anyone but her.

‘Big Brother’ houseguests evict Judd Daugherty from the house and crown new Head of Household. Big Brother’s houseguests evicted Judd Daugherty and crowned their thirteenth Head of Household during Wednesday night’s special eviction broadcast of the CBS reality competition’s fifteenth season.

Whether or not the racial slurs make it to the CBS broadcasts of Big Brother remains to be seen, but in my opinion, hiding it exacerbates the problem. My guess, CBS will pretend the racism, misogyny, and homophobia inside the Big Brother house does not exist, which is unfortunate. Aaryn Gries, 22, is a college student from Texas.

Aaryn expects America to fall in love with her, and she went on Big Brother specifically to kick off a career in television. Unfortunately, she’s a vile human being, spouting off either bitchy or racist remarks every chance she gets. About Candice Stewart, who is African-American, Aaryn said, “Be careful what you say in the dark, you might not be able to see the bitch” and “I want to put a washcloth over her face and pour water over it.

We certainly find the statements made by Aaryn on the live Internet feed to be offensive. Upon much consideration, we have decided to release Aaryn from her contract with Zephyr Talent. She, too, has said some rather disturbing things inside the Big Brother house. Referring to the two African-American houseguests, GinaMarie said, “The two blacks stick together,” adding, “They’re like tokens. We are actually thankful that this show let us see GinaMarie for who she truly is.

We would never want her to be a role model to our future contestants. In a business where we are surrounded by beauty every day we are saddened to see something so ugly come from someone we put on a very high pedestal.

‘Big Brother’ recap: Will Aaryn turn on her alliance?

GinaMarie, Aaryn or Spencer. Did you watch the last episode where the MVP was announced and the Veto competition was held? We did and we recapped it right here for you! On last episode we get to see the next Veto competition but before that we found vout who America nominated as the third houseguest to go up on the block.

Aug 30,  · McCrae is defined only by his relationship with Amanda. That basically leaves revived Judd as the only character left, which should be a pretty big disappointment to game purists. I’m willing to bet $ at even money that Judd wins the game to the first reputable poster who accepts.

The episode began with Kaitlin using the Power of Veto on herself and Jeremy, Spencer, and Aaryn being the three nominations for eviction. Aaryn said that everyone in the house discriminates against Jeremy because of the fact that he is a strong player Whatever! Later on, he approached Elissa and Helen and tries to make a deal with them. Aaryn decided to do damage control by kissing butt and faking being nice to everyone in the house Again, whatever!

They decided to return the cup to GinaMarie and console her while Aaryn sat on the sidelines complaining. They all agree that Amanda wears the pants in the relationship. As current HOH, Helen could only vote in the event of a tie.

Big Brother USA: Fourth houseguest leaves, HoH played

His Own Worst Enemy: Jeremy’s mistreatment of other house guests has lead to his ultimate downfall in the game. Jeremy is very impulsive and hotheaded. Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: Jeremy blames all of his poor actions and decisions on the fact that he is male so he can’t help himself.

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After Controversial Big Brother Season, an Interview With Amanda Zuckerman While more players including those with less airtime who were eliminated early on would be called out by live feed watchers, Gries, Zuckerman and Clawson were the top three who stood out, with brash Boca realtor Amanda Zuckerman a close fourth. Racism, homophobia, controversy are all words that were used in reference to the contestants. It seemed as if they had forgotten cameras kept rolling The deliberately sequestered house guests had no idea that outside the house, they were making national news headlines for shocking and closely scrutinized comments.

Two contestants, Aaryn Gries and GinaMarie Zuckerman, lost their jobs back home during the isolation period – a response by their respective employers to outlandish quotes reflecting prejudices Gries, the youngest contestant of the season, was blasted for comments about African Americans and Asians, as well as for a risky quote about her openly gay competitor, the season’s eventual winner Andy Herren.

Some of the offending comments, which contestants would later apologize for, aired on the actual show, but most were heard on the popular BB live feeds. Another house guest, Spencer Clawson, was unaware that he had launched a police investigation after ‘jokingly’ referring to – oh, the not so humorous topic of – child pornography. Even the season’s winner, college professor Andy Herren who was not privy to Gries’ remark about him , would later discover that he couldn’t count on his old teaching job, a consequence of laughing with fellow house guests at racially-charged gossip about players Even the topic of one competitor’s child was not off limits for a couple among this crew.

‘Big Brother’ Recap – Season 15, Episode 10

Thursday, September 19, — Evening Andy Wins I have just been way too busy to even be home over the past two days. Elissa won America’s Favorite. That means that he will be competing against GinaMarie in the question competition on Wednesday. Things are deadly dull on the feeds, and I Hate clip shows that recap the whole season. So I won’t be watching BB tonight.

Aaryn presses him about Howard, but Howard is Judd’s friend – so he’d have to get backdoored. Kaitlin wonders if she and Jeremy will really meet up outside the house. GM says she needs to find his cologne so she can smell him while he’s gone.

Big Brother 15[ edit ] Williams appeared on Big Brother 15 in , still under her maiden name, Gries, as this was prior to her marriage. While in the house, Aaryn quickly formed a romantic relationship with David. She chose to target Elissa for eviction, blaming her for David’s exit. However, Elissa was granted that M. She kept her end of the bargain with Elissa and Helen, allowing them to control the nominations and orchestrate the eviction of Howard.

After winning her first Power of Veto seconds later, she saved Jessie and instead backdoored Judd, who was shortly evicted in a unanimous vote. She nominated Elissa and Helen, and then nominated Spencer as a replacement after Elissa won the Power of Veto and took herself off the block. This forced Elissa to nominate Andy as a replacement, which led to Aaryn’s eviction on Day 70 by a vote, coming in 8th place.

Controversy[ edit ] Williams became the center of controversy after making remarks widely condemned as racist and homophobic by the show’s live feed viewers as well as host Julie Chen. In Texas, we say things.

Feed Clip: Judd Being Shady

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